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Shuf the hedgehog looked into a cupboard and became upset. There were no more apples left. "What are we going to tell the hedgehoglets? They really love apples... What are they going to do now?", he thought. Huf came running in and immediately froze in place as he saw the empty shelves. "Do not despair! Let's go to the garden! It's full of apples!", Huf said decisively as he dragged Shuf outside.

"Now what do we do? The apples are too high up, no way we can jump that high." said Shuf sadly as he looked up.
"Yes, we have to think here..." Huf responded, "Got it! See the stump over there? Drag it closer! It's tall, we can try to reach the apples from it."

Nearby, Fik watched the hedgehog brothers, "I don't really like apples. If they ran out, then they ran out, what do I care? Too bad for the hedgehoglets... But I really don't feel like helping them - I'm great without apples, thank you very much! They'll get used to it too."

Huf and Shuf brought the stump and tried jumping up from it, but to no avail!
Shuf grumbled, "Still not high enough. We gotta think of something else..."
"We're wearing suspenders! Let's try using them as a slingshot!" answered Huf, puffing.
"That should work!" Shuf perked up.

"Look! There are magical fireflies swirling around the apples. Their dust might prove useful."
"Maybe the dust is what makes them to fly? Like fairies?"
"That's unlikely - they are also flapping their wings. But we should try your idea out, what if it works?"

And so they collected the apples from one tree, then another. But on the other trees, the apples were higher and higher. And an occasional branch with resin was in the way too.

"This branch doesn't look like the others. It's more slender, and has leaves on it. Let's try pushing off of it, it should sling us up." said Shuf confidently as he jumped on the branch.
"It works!" Huf rejoiced, "Now we are definitely not coming home with the empty baskets!"

Huf and Shuf moved from tree to tree. Fik became intrigued, he decided no to fall behind the brothers and followed them. What if his help will come in handy?

After collecting all the apples from the nearby trees, Huf and Shuf looked at the full baskets.

"That's a lot of apples, but our family is big! This will run out fast..." said Shuf.
"You're right... Let's leave the full baskets by the house and go get more apples behind the brook." Huff proposed.
"Behind the brook? No way! The apples grow even higher there, and it's getting windy." Shuf made excuses.
"You're just afraid of meeting the.." Huf replied laughingly, but even he did not dare voicing the scary name.
"Of course I'm afraid! They are scary and have claws. Ewww!"
"You know what?" Huf mused, "I think we can outsmart them! We just need Ash's help."
"That's it!" Shuf agreed happily, "Ash always builds plenty of interesting inventions. I bet he has something we can use!"
"We'll have to repay him somehow though..." worried Huf, "We can't just go to him empty-handed."
"Just look how many fireflies we've collected!" said Shuf, pulling a glowing jar out of his pants, "They glitter beautifully, I bet Ash will like them!"
"Let's hurry to his workshop then!"

And so the young hedgehogs went off to visit their inventor friend Ash and get ready for the new adventures.

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